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Welcome to John T. Webster’s aka Reverend John aka Johnsky aka Tom Weber Bio.

My first steps in music was 1985 as drummer of the Pop band Peter Pan, with it‘s single A Night at the Hippodrome. After I have left the band, I joined severals bands around my hometown like Mens Club, Rapunzel, Jiggie’s Rock Band, etc.

In 1990 I have met Erwin Bros an Austrian Pop singer and we have written and produced together  a song called „Nur vom Frieden zu reden“ This song was  nominated for the Eurovsion Song Contest. In the ORF pre contest we’ve reached place 3#.

During this time I still used to play as a drummer in several local bands. At the same time I started my first music studio together with Werner Freistaedter and Erwin Geppner, well known as the heads of the very successful Dance Project Unique 2. Werner and Erwin have moved the Studio to Vienna and this was the time when I started my own audio studio in my hometown St. Poelten. I made some productions for the local government like the 1st. “Youngster of Art” CD. I also worked as a DJ and narrator at several local event spaces and clubs. At this time I got the feeling and ears for creating remixes, so I started in my studio with some pop productions and remix jobs.

One was for Werners and Erwins project UNIQUE 2. 1996 they have released the single BREAK MY STRIDE, which was on number 1 Hit in almost whole Europe. At this time I also have started with some pop music productions together with local artists and singers. One of them was an Austrian female singer out of  Vienna named Manuela Czerwenka aka MALICE. After the single release “Protect Yourself” in 1993 we started a small live tour through Austria occupied with “Freddys Dance Group” out of Bratislava.

about the same time, I also made a single CD project for my friend and natural cosmetic guru Wolfgang Styx called “Sana Sun” performed by Funhouse. In the year 1993 Wolfgang has released a new sun blocker series named SANASUN. Me and rapper Def-Ton, known as a band member of Unique 2 made this song for Wolfgang to use for his cosmetic product. The Song was published and released by Warner Chapel and West&East Records. The female voice on the song has been performed by the high talented and in Austria well known singer and vocal coach Monika Ballwein.

Another project at this time was a single release together with the Reaggy Band “Roots Vibration” out of St. Poelten. The Song was named “Roots Rock Symphony”. The programmers (yes at this time man, not machine made decisions what will be played on radio) of the Austrian Radio station OE3 liked the song and it went on air almost every day. Unfortunately one of the band member disagreed on the production from the beginning and started a bad mouthing campaign against the song via a local newspaper, so the record company has dropped the band over night.

1996 I have left Austria in direction to Los Angeles, where I had worked on several international projects and bands.  I have produced the remix album “DANCE PARTY” for Big Mountain and a remix for the hit single “RHYTHM DEVINE” performed by top star Enrique Iglesias. The Dance Party Album was released in Japan and in some Asia countries.

At this time I also was involved in several side projects. One was with Big Mountains back singer Shany Harriot aka VIXENOVA. I also did some audio engineering jobs as well remixes on an album for latin star Alberto Aspe. Another small production was together with Blues Man Michael Mc Auliffe out of Ojai CA.

In the year 2000, I met the guys from Digidesign and I got hired in LA by them to be the midi and audio ambassador for Germany for the video and audio company AVID. Therefor I moved back to Berlin in Europe.  At this time I got to know several German top bands and artists in their studios. I have produced and audio engineered some tracks for German newcomer bands as well did record some demo tracks with the German Rock Band  The Scorpions.

2003 I hooked up with Sven Sorring and Keyboarder Ric Engelhardt who is musical director of Stars in Concert at the Estelle Hotel Berlin and several German top acts like Barbara Schoeneberger, and will be endorsed by top brands like YAMAHA. Together we have written the “Rock Pop Cartoon Spectacle” and Play DOG STORIES. After this, we’ve founded our own record label named Rubberdog Music. 

Because of my longtime experience as producer and audio engineer, I was again hired between 2005 and 2016 by high grade audio gear and equipment companies such as WAVES and TC Electronic as product specialist and later as territory manager or Senior Manager for German, Swiss and Austria. For this role I did moved back to Austria in 2006. From my home office I’ve been working the last 8 years for TC Electronic as Senior manager for Germany, Austria and Swiss. During this time I finally have finished all productions I have made in Berlin.

In 2008 the CD “Soul light” from the Project Cowgaroo was released. For this project I have invited some of my old musicians and friends to join the production. Dieter Libuda (Guitar), David Finger Haynes (Finger drummer), Frowin Ickler (Bass) Rick Engelhardt (Keyboards), Allishia Preston (Vocals) Juliane Steglitz (Vocals).

In 2013, I has finished the 2nd. album from Cowgaroo, which was also original created with Ric and Sven in Berlin. The Name of this production is “Dogstories, The Adventures of Rubberdog”.

Currently I have changed to the alternativ health business as a causes researcher, dietitians and health consultant. I offer with my new business named EMEG (abbreviation for “effective measures to maintain health”) complete body, mind and soul health checks. In this role, I advise people who would like to live healthier lives or just want to know their health status. 

For 2019, it is planned to release “Dogstories, The Adventure of Rubberdog” live on Stage…

Equipment List

Well, I’m going try to remember all the Equipment I have ever used in all my Productions.

In 1989 when I met my long term music buddy Werner Freistaetter he had already an Atari 1040 Computer and as far I remember a Logic Midi Interface. We have triggered a Roland 19″ Module. This was the start of ur first Studio experience. Later we have borrowd additional equipment from local musicians and we have saved all on regular audio tape. Later Werner bought the first Sampler. A EMULATOR E-Max Sampler and later an Akai S-1000 Sampler. This was the beginning. When Erwin joined our Studio he brought his keyboards Korg M-1, Yamaha DX-7II. Our first Mixingdesk was a live console also browed from a friend. later Werne bought the first 32 Track studio Console.

Later during the 90’s I had a Rack full of goodies such as an AKAI S-1100 Sampler, Waldorf Mikro Wave, Korg Wave station AD, YAMAHA TG-77, Roland 2080 Rack, EMU-Rack Synths an a Rackversion of an Mini Moog from Studio Electronics.

My Console was an 32track Alen & Heath analog console. As Monitors I used Yamaha NS-10 which I still use, and a Pair of Tannoy 15″ Studio Monitors. As a Sequenzer I used Cubase running on an Atari 1040 ST. All audio had been recorded on 2 Alesis Adat Gen. 1 digital-machines.

Later in LA, I changed the console to a Pro Tools Mix System with 32 Inputs. The Computer running all this was an Apple Power Mac 9500.

All Midi came still from Cubase and the Audio recording was made with Pro Tools v.4. Both have been synced over the internal IAC bus of the Mac.

Back in Europe, after I have joined AVID as a product specialist I used my Pro Tools HD demo system and started with VST Instruments running on a separate PC. This system is still in work at Werner Studio.

Currently I work “all in the box” on a Mac Book Pro from 2015 and all kind of top nodge Plugins as instruments as well for mixing from the following manufactures:

Waves, Atari, Farbfilter, Plugin Alliance, Keilwert Audio, Vengeance, Avid, Native Instruments, Spectrasonic, Slate Digital, ect.

My main DAW is still Pro Tools but I sometimes work with Apple Logic or Presonus Studio One.

For mixing a song I personal find that Pro Tools sounds the best. For Songwriting all other DAW’s might be a better choice. 

Some Pictures

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