John T. Webster



The Rock Pop Cartoon Spectacle DOG STORIES

DOG STORIES (The Adventures of RubberDog) is a Rock Pop Cartoon Spectacle

This project is a mixture of musical, cabarett, slapstick and modern dance, presented in
a charming, thatratical form. Costumes and stage design transformed into a cartoonesque

DOGSTORIES (go to Info-Downloads to the left) tells us the story about a little dog called RubberDog, who grows up at a farm and falls in love with the cow from the meddow.

But love making between Cow and Dog, that doesn‘t work out and so RubberDog runs into the big city to find adventures and ecperiences there.

In the city he quickly finds out that life here is fast, superficial, and loveless.

In the end he runs back to his Cow. Here the dog hut opens up wide, white light comes
streaming out, Rubberdog takes Cow by her hoof and together they waggle into the light (Nirvana).

Doesn‘t everybody have a little RubberDog inside him?

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