John T. Webster


Artist Category: Duo


English: After more then 30 years friendship, Charly and Tom found themselves for a music collaboration. They brought their long year experience as musicians and songwriter along and started in August 2020 the work on the current CD. The Album contains easy going Pop- Rocksongs, sung in a typical Austrian Dialect called: Mundart. Charly and Thomas have […]

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In fall 1996 I have done this recording with lovely singer Deena Davis and rapper Roderick aka Crash in LA. The Project was called Angles Advocate.  We also had a very nice photo shooting over the roofs of Los Angeles. Unfortunately we lost contact but I will always have them in mind as high talented […]

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Cowgaroo is a music project founded by music producer John Webster and singer & actor Sven Sorring in 2003. The Project is aimed to have fun and produce music of all genres. The project is basically a studio project between John and Sven but because Sven’s home is primarily the stage, he’s going to collect […]

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