John T. Webster


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During my work on the Big Mountain Remix Album in Ojai near to LA, I got to know the Ojai Blues Man Michael Mc Auliffe. With no Budget but a lot of drive and idealized we started some recordings with local musicians. 

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During my time in LA, I had the pleasure to meet several very high talented artists. One of them was latin singer Alberto Aspe. He was also under the management of Bruce Chaplin who also had discovered and managed the Nr.1 Hit Band Big Mountain. Alberto came up with some hit recordings created by his […]

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VIXENOVA vs. REVEREND JOHN Vixenova was a side project during my production for Big Mountain in CA. Shany Harriott aka Vixenova was the former Background singer of Big Mountain. Big Mountain Studio Ojai 4th Studio in Ojai CA Tony Gin (Guitar) Mike Harris (Keyboards Big Mountain), John Shany Harriot (Vocals Big Mountain Band)

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Malice, aka Manuela Czerwenka, was my first real project during the 90s. The music was a mixture between Pop music and a bit of Dance. The single release was the song called “Protect Yourself” published by Warner Austria. Malice was also touring live at this time with a very good dance group called Freddies Dance […]

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